SEX BLOCKS is a Jenga-style 2-4 player game for lovers

There are a total of 69 blocks:


Question blocks which can be paired with SEX TALK or free-styled


Action blocks, each with a different word or phrase


Wild blocks, which work as wildcards for the player's choosing

How to Play

After removing a block, players can discuss how they feel about the chosen block and/or what that block would look like for them. If it's a question block, you're being prompted to pause the game to ask a question of your choice!

How to Win

The game loser is the one who causes the tower to crash and tumble. The winner is the opposing player. The winner gets to choose 3 blocks from their pile that they hope to experience with the losing player. 


Remember: The key to pleasure is taking your time. Play responsibly. Play openly. Play to play. Enjoy!


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Get creative

Feel free to create your own guidelines and make the product your own! Like sex, this game can be an open format. Add your own twist like stacking the tiles on top of the tower after pulling them, increasing the number of acts the winner gets to choose, and more

Make it a party

This game is designed for two but can be played with many more (if you're into that kinda stuff). With 69 total blocks, there's plenty of fun to go around

Just a heads up!

Our blocks are color-dyed so due to the scorching Georgia heat, they may have stuck together inside their packaging. Don't fret — before stacking, simply scan the tower with your partner and gently break apart any grouped tiles